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About this Site

To create a comprehensive web site for the Left containing a variety of resources to help you get motivated and become politically engaged.
Any Leftist who wants to share information or engage in meaningful dialog with other Leftists.
No!...THIS IS NOT FACEBOOK OR INSTAGRAM! This is a hard political site. Please keep the postings to the issues at hand while still having fun within that context.
I am a single white male, age 67, a Leftist since 1973 after reading "Ho Chi Minh on Revolution".
No. There is no advertising or any other type of monetary incentive. I do, however, currently need money for software upgrades and new features. You can donate here. Every dollar is much appreciated.

Site Registration

Registration helps ensure that you are a real person and not a bot and that you are serious in your commitment to engage with other Leftists.
Hover over About This Site on the main menu and click on the Registration link. REGISTRATION IS CURRENTLY DISABLED DURING SITE TESTING.
This is a very simple registration process. It asks for only name, username, email and a password. You are finished in less than a minute. Once you submit the form you will be automatically logged in for your first session.
Non-registered guests can still see and read all the content but can not add content or engage in dialog with other users. You may, however, use any social sharing links that are visible.

For Registered Users

Hover over About This Site on the main menu and click on the Login link (or use the login form at the bottom of the page). Enter your username and password and click login.
New menu links will appear within the main menu to allow you to post content to all the various areas on the site.
You can access the following:
1. Join a State Community and share your stories with other users
2. Start or comment on Discussions
3. Post to your very own Blog (CURRENTLY UNAVAILABLE)
4. Create Events, Upload Videos and Photos
5. Use the Instant Messaging, Live Chat or Video Conference features