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Adding content to the individual candidates' pages

1. Register your account (takes about a minute and you are automatically logged in after you submit the registration form)

2. Go to the candidate page you want to add to (you can add content to multiple candidate pages)

3. Click on the Like Page button then refresh the Timeline link under the News Feed heading. More link options will appear under the Recent Updates heading (Files, Link, Photos, Polls, Videos)

4. Add anything that you think will be informative for other visitors to that page (it can be positive, negative or neutral). We want as much information to help visitors make an informed decision.

5. For links, click on the Add Link button

6. For videos, click on the Insert Video button

7. For ALL content make sure you click on the SHARE button to post your content to the stream

You can Contact me here for any further questions or problems you may have.